About us

About Us

Skygate services began doing business in November 2013. An  opportunity arose to open repair and maintenance business in  Pakistan. The founders of the company first decided to open a  fitness equipment repair and maintenance business to provide  customers such as Hotels, Fitness Centers, Schools and Private  Homes with a consistent quality of service that could be relied  upon. The business has been growing well since 2013. Then later in  2014 company expend their services in other fields like electrical,  electronics, plumbing, air conditioning & cleaning services. In  2015 Skygate in association with ESSPL to expend their safety &  security equipment business.

Skygate international (Private) Limited is professional  residential & commercial maintenance/repair Services provider.  We specialize in sales, maintenance, repair, and renovation  services for both residential & commercial clients. We are  registered with the Securities Exchange Commission of Pakistan  and hold the Corporate Universal Identification (CUIN) No.  0085153. Our National Tax Number (NTN) with FBR is 4187202-9.

A ‘Skygate services’ is a term used to describe  technicians such as Electricians, Plumbers, AC Mechanics &  Cleaners, etc. Our team of qualified technicians is available to help  households and businesses deal with all those electrical, plumbing,  and other little jobs that require urgent or regular attention.  Skygate is ready to service you. Our prices are really affordable and  competitive.


To be the customer’s first choice for his repair and maintenance  services in Pakistan.


To provide the highest quality of service for our customers every  day we do business.