Electronic Patient Bed

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With Skygate service programs you can maintain equipment performance, extend product life cycle and help make your facilities maintenance program a success. Skygate is there to provide best in class service to meet the individual needs of your facility. Skygate service solutions are customizable and scalable to any budget. All offerings are supported by our staff, ensuring all equipment and documentation is maintained to the highest standards.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is a schedule of planned maintenance actions including equipment inspection, lubrication, calibration, etc aimed at the prevention of breakdowns and failures before they occur.  Cost savings are one of the many benefits with having regularly scheduled preventative maintenance but they will also decrease service downtime, improve system reliability, and delay the cost of replacement.  With stricter regulations on hospitals and nursing homes, preventative maintenance becomes more than just extending the life of your product (which it most certainly does), but enables you to provide complete electronic documentation for accreditation and proof of your pro-active approach to staff and client safety.

Flexible Invoicing options
  • Monthly, quarterly or annually

Electronic Patient Bed